discount benefits card, telehealth, healthcare

WHAT is freshbenies?

It is a fresh approach to benefits. In a nutshell, freshbenies:
  • includes telehealth, doctors online, advocacy, Rx savings and more… all in one easy-to-use card.
  • is a strategic solution as part of a total benefits package.
  • is great for large groups, small groups and/or individuals.
  • helps members save money on skyrocketing out of pocket costs.
  • is available for full-time/part-time and insured/uninsured.
  • is NOT insurance.

HOW do members benefit by using freshbenies?

Click here for a fun video explaining the services (use these to sell the idea, too).

WHEN do I sell freshbenies?

This is a strategy that solves many of your client issues:
  • Do your self-funded groups need to reduce Loss Ratio?
  • Do your insured groups need strategies to fill the gaps due to strained budgets (i.e. changing deductibles/copays/coinsurance, cutting dental/vision, etc.)?
  • Are your clients moving to higher-deductible health plans?

WHAT packages are available?

discount benefits card, telehealth, healthcare

discount benefits card, telehealth, healthcare

Minimum monthly invoice is $50.
*Voluntary requires at least 10 participants. All Add-Ons must be offered.
**Buy-Up means the employer pays for the Access Card (or more) and allows employees to elect Add-Ons via payroll deduction. All Add-Ons must be offered.
Individual sales: add a one-time $10 application fee. Not available to WA & VT residents.
Other state restrictions may apply :-(
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Why Now?

What Are They?

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What Are They?

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