Who Are We?

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Strategist. Entrepreneur. Passionate, award-winning speaker. 25-year healthcare veteran. Free-market health reform advocate. Innovator. Writer. Coffee addict. Ex-Canadian & now a proud American!

In 2009, he considered what Americans would need if the ACA passed. Based on his Canadian experience, he knew that up-and-coming non-insurance tools (telehealth, advocacy, wellness) & time-tested services (ancillary savings networks & security services) would be in dire need. America’s largest employers had been perfecting these money-saving strategies, but others had little access.

Today, he strategizes with brokers and employers to balance their benefit programs now and in an uncertain future.


Communicator. Brand Builder. Trainer. Strategic Planner. Organizer. Customer Service Advocate. Excel Whiz. Writer. Coffee Addict. Overall: gettin’ stuff done and makin’ it happen.

After 27 years in the retail industry, Heidi took on a new challenge. From corporate life to entrepreneurship. From fashion retail to the benefits industry. At JCPenney, she oversaw the largest brand launch in JCPenney history. At freshbenies she developed the brand from 0 members to one of the fastest growing companies in the country.

At Benefit Brainstorm, she launched the freshbenies brand and it’s market-leading member engagement program. No matter what the product or service, she’s learned that people want brands that engage, help simplify life and most importantly, follow through on their promise. That’s what she does.

They saw the need for higher levels of client service and marketing support, both of which are built into freshbenies. This includes a turnkey engagement program from automatic welcome materials to an informative website, member portal, app, videos and more. Click here to meet the freshbenies team.

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What Are They?

Not sure what non-insurance benefits are? Click here for an explanation + examples.

What Are They?

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